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Finding solutions to every challenges.

I am a Psychology graduate with years of experience working in different fields. I have mastered the skills of understanding client requirements according to the latest trends and providing skills that are appropriate for their needs.

I’ve spent most of these years working across different areas such as academe, human resources, office, and construction project management. None of them seems related to each other, but I was able to build skills and knowledge suitable for the work-related tasks.

I have worked with businesses from different niches so you can rely on me for yours.

My knowledge in planning, research,  and analysis can provide you with fresh, compelling, and creative content that is important for your clients to better understand you and your business. 

I am also knowledgeable in graphic design, using Photoshop, SketchUp and recently learned Canva as an improvement to my skill.

Having worked on various projects, I can help you with the best possible skill sets that may help in developing and improving your business that we can proceed with. With me, you are assured of a result that suits your needs. I will try to provide you with a variety of options that are suitable to your business which we can work on together.

I believe that learning never stops and I am interested in learning new skills and technologies that will help me develop a better output in less time.


I can help you acquire and evaluate new leads and attract prospects to your business.


I can create visual content for your social media advertisement using Canva and Filmora.


I can create or update your website by executing and copywriting visual and content design using WordPress.


I can provide assistance to you through various tasks such as brochure and flyer design, email marketing, and phone calls.


I can help you integrate your business into your apps by creating chatbots using Manychat and Chatfuel and automating workflows using Zapier and IFTTT.


I can help with copywriting, content creating, planning,  organizing events, and creating strategies to boost social media presence and create it into sales.


I can assist you through product research, creating Shopify, and providing customer service to your clients.


I can offer my ability in creating and copyreading email content to boost marketing using Mailchimp.


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